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Roy’s RV Supercenter in Elkins, WV

Serving Morgantown, Fairmont, Elkins, Weston, Clarksburg & Surrounding WV Areas

Roy’s RV Supercenter offers full-service mobile repair, routine maintenance, and winterization/de-winterization services for our valued customers within our region (including Morgantown, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Weston and surrounding areas in West Virginia). You can enjoy many of the same high-quality services offered by our certified Master Technicians without the hassle of towing your equipment in to our shop. When you can’t come to us, we come to you!

Installation, Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Services

Winterization &

Upholstery &
Fabric Replacement

Appliance Service
& Repair


Holding Tanks

Heated Water Hoses






Oil Change

Slide Toppers & Awnings

Generator Service


Structural Repairs

Propane Service

Caulking & Sealing

Trailer Bearings

RV Roof Specialist: Seam Seals, Leaks,
Rubber Roof Repair & Replacement

Extended use and severe weather can really take a toll on your roof. Even a tiny hole or crack can lead to catastrophic damage. Our technicians specialize in providing comprehensive roof installation, maintenance, and repair service to help ensure that your roof is able to continue protecting your RV or travel trailer all year long. Our services include inspections, preventive maintenance, cleaning, leak & structural repair, seam seal service, rubber roof resealing, recoating, and replacement.

Annual Roof Maintenance Package

We offer a thorough yearly roof inspection and cleaning, as well as application of UV-blocker to help protect rubber roof membranes. We suggest this maintenance each spring.

Oil & Gas and Campsite Service Calls Available

Roy’s RV Supercenter specializes in servicing travel trailers in use by Oil & Gas Industry employees, as well as seasonal and residential campers. We routinely provide a wide range of services to keep your on-site mobile housing facility and its components safe and functional. Service calls are available at all local campgrounds, worksite and residential field locations.

RV & Travel Trailer Winterization & De-winterization Packages

Let Roy’s RV Supercenter take care of winterizing and de-winterizing your RV or travel trailer so you can enjoy more of your free time! We offer comprehensive winterization service, which includes antifreeze protection, propane tank, generator & battery removal, DampRid placement, and granular pesticide application. We can also apply tire covers, install your RV cover, and raise your rig’s wheels off the ground to protect your tires (if your RV has leveling jacks). Be sure to remove all food and hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, etc.) at the end of the season to avoid attracting pests, and be sure to top off fluids and add fuel stabilizer to your vehicle’s gas tank (if applicable).

RV Service Packages

Roy’s RV Supercenter’s valuable service packages include:

Slide & Jack Service
we test slide-outs, clean slide walls, lubricate slide seals & slide components (as needed), inspect hydraulic lines, test control board for proper function, and clean RV jacks (including foot pads)

Motor Home Tire Rotation
we remove and rotate tires, inspect tread depth and tire tread, and adjust tire pressures

Standard Annual Roof AC Service
we visually inspect the RV AC unit, wash the inner coils, perform an amperage draw test, clean the drains, and replace gaskets and filters

Standard Annual Appliance Service
we clean the refrigerator, water heater, and furnace burner tube assemblies, check refrigerator, water heater, and furnace operation, verify water heater air mixture, clean galley stove burners of loose debris, confirm operation of stove, replace AC filters (as needed), and visually inspect rooftop A/C unit

Annual Battery Service
we clean battery terminals and posts, test-crank amps/bolts, top off fluid, and apply anti-corrosive agent

Annual Coolant Service
we perform a visual inspection of hoses, clamps, radiator and heater hoses, and drain and fill the system with new coolant

Annual Trailer Brake & Axle Service
we remove and inspect tires, test brakes for proper operation and amperage draw, remove drum & hub, inspect brake shoes for excessive wear, inspect and repack wheel bearings (as necessary), and check/adjust air pressure in tires

Oil & Filter Service
we replace the engine oil in your gas or diesel motorhome, replace the engine oil filter, and do a complete chassis lube

Transmission Service
we visually inspect the transmission line and fittings, and drain and refill transmission fluid

Service Department Hours

MON – FRI: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

SATURDAY: 8:30AM – 3:00PM


At Roy’s RV Supercenter, our valued customers ALWAYS come first. We offer service to customers who did not purchase their unit from us on an “as available” basis.